Eleven seconds – a person needs so much to make a decision whether to watch a video further or switch to another. How to attract attention, and most importantly – how to hold? Says business coach Nina Zvereva.

On average, a person receives about 3,000 information messages during the day, but perceives only 10% of them. How to make your message get into these 10%?

Why 11 seconds?

This figure was prompted by a meter of viewing depth on YouTube. After 11 seconds, users switch attention from one video to another.

What can be done in 11 seconds?

This is where it is worth starting if you want to attract attention:

Joke. People are ready to miss important information, but are not ready to miss a joke. Prepare jokes in advance if you are not one of those who easily improvise.

Tell the story. If you start with the words “one day”, “imagine”, then immediately get a credit of trust for two minutes, no less. The interlocutor will understand: you are not going to load him or report, you just tell the story. It is better that it is short. Show that you value your https://alfonsobassave.com/25-facons-de-le-rendre-plus-chaud/ interlocutor’s time.

Enter into communication – ask first a personal question, ask about business.

Shock. Report some kind of sensational fact. It is difficult to break through the informational noise in the head of a modern person, especially a teenager, therefore a sensation will attract his attention.

Replace fresh news. “Do you know that. “,” I will surprise you “.

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